The Meadow

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The Meadow

Mensagem  sara perrault em Sex Maio 29, 2009 8:55 pm

Once upon a night, she dreamt of him.
She dreamt, she sighed, she sought.
She couldn't lose the fight, she couldn't lose him.

"Hello my love, don't you walk away,
It's sunny outside, it's a wonderful day"

And so they went for a walk
Passing by trees, passing by their world
And they made promises to each other
Saying "I love you" in bold
As their hands touched, their hears beat faster
Submitted to the power of Cupid master

His smile made her blush, the sun made him shine
As she said sincerely "I want you for all my life"
And as they lay in the meadow the day passed by
While he said sincerely "I want you for all my life"
Late at night he came to visit
He is so much more than it meets the eye
And as she fell asleep in his arms, he sung her a lullaby

"Hello my love, don't you walk away
I don't care what you are, I'll always want you to stay"

And he stayed until dawn, but he also didn't sleep
"I don't mind my love, at least you stayed with me"

"Hello my love, how are you today?
Let's go to the meadow, it's a beautiful day"

And they went and they hugged and they kissed and they laughed
And they stayed together as one until the sun left
And they promised each other to always be side by side
As they whispered in the twilight "I want you for all my life".
- sara perrault

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